Why not Panama?  The country has designed a program that
allows you to live in the tropical paradise you've always dreamed of,
yet you have the ability not only to live here, but to raise a family,
work in or start a business, invest, retire, have a weekend retreat, or
maybe just lay on the beach (hey, being a beach bum is just a part
of the many activities here).

Beaching it one day, then a little more action in golfing, mountain
hiking, biking, surfing, diving, and fishing off the renowned “Tuna
Coast” can round out the long list of popular activities here year

This popular tourist attraction has many people buying property while
vacationing here or returning to buy property for either full-time or
part-time use.  Being a tourist is one thing, but having property you
can use and/or invest in sets Panama apart from all other Central
American countries that still seem to focus on fun in the sun.
If the economic and lifestyle issues aren't enough to get your attention, the weather should.  Depending on what part of the country you choose (and we are
experts at helping you with that), you can be assured of a lot of sun, no active volcanoes, and definitely no snow.  Tornados and earthquakes are rare.  
Hurricanes sometimes form off the coast of Panama, but move away without hitting landfall here.

For a number of years, Panama has been ranked in the top five parts of the world for retirement, for the reasons above, but also because the country offers a
number of incentives to make the cost of living very affordable.  To learn more about these incentives, click here to sign up for our informational newsletter:

Panama is becoming more multicultural due to healthcare and financial concerns in other parts of the world.  World-class healthcare is available, with
Panama City hospitals affiliating with major healthcare centers in the United States.  Alternative medicine and spa treatments abound.  Another reason many
people travel to Panama from around the world is to receive its high class, reasonably priced, medical and cosmetic treatments.

Too young to retire?  With a number of different types of visas available, younger people are starting businesses or joining existing businesses.  Many major
companies are opening up offices or outlets in Panama because that’s where the business is, with new businesses opening daily.

Because Panama uses the U.S. dollar as its currency, it is easy to shop here and you’ll find stores from around the world.  Madison Avenue has nothing on
us!  Panama City, the capitol city, has a wealth of unique restaurants, nightlife, cultural events, musical and sporting events.

Panama has long been revered for its tax benefits and the number of investment options available.  We pride ourselves as buyer’s agents in real estate, but
we’ll help you find the best financial expert to meet your needs with bank accounts and investments.  

Want to know more about what it means to use a buyer’s agent?  Click here to learn how we set ourselves apart for the pack.  By the way, there is now a
pack of realtors coming in from other countries because the benefits of property ownership here are just too good to pass up.  Check out

We can match your needs for land or property, full or part-time stays, your residence or your investment.  This may be paradise, but you don’t have sleep in a
hammock!  We can give you the basics or an exclusive high-end property.  A neighborhood, or a hideaway.  Beach or mountains and everything in between.

Do you consider yourself a part of “everyone”?  Then Panama has something for you. 

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