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VIEW LISTINGS IN THIS AREA: The town of San Carlos is a bustling little beach community with its main entrance heading right into an outdoor/indoor shopping area, with produce stands on the walks, bakery items, and a couple of restaurants.  A boulevard runs through this center, with quaint, private residences opposite the many little shops.

Toward the end of the shopping area is San Carlos Hospital, a public hospital that has an emergency room and laboratories, but no inpatient rooms.  It has ambulance services and is a well respected provider, open to both public and private patients.

Taking the first San Carlos entrance after leaving Coronado, you will come to beautiful beach areas, with beach club.  This entrance is well marked and comes before the main downtown entrance.  There are restaurants on the PanAmerican Highway, as well as small fondas which have a few tables and limited menus-but definitely the flavor of real Panamanian food!

The San Carlos District includes the beach areas of the town of San Carlos, El Palmar, and Rio Mar, all favorite surfing areas.  El Palmar and Rio Mar are further west on the PanAmerican Highway.  All areas have bus service.

El Palmar has a beachside restaurant and a surf school, with a small residential area. 

Rio Mar with its newest development, Casa Mar, tends to have upscale condo projects right on the Ocean, with estates and smaller homes nestled in this quiet community. 

The Coronado Social Association, started by expats years ago, has been renamed to the Coronado Area Social Association (CASA) to include residents of this community.
Right past Rio Mar/Casa Mar, you can leave the highway and enter up the mountain road to El Valle de Anton.  Residents of the beach communities and travelers make it a point to shop at the weekend market in El Valle, high in the mountains.  The views are gorgeous and the climate cooler, with more rain than what the beach areas experience.

There are homes and developments all up the mountain to El Valle, yet they are only 20-30 minutes to the nearest grocery store.  VIEW OUR LISTINGS
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