Don Womack:  West Beach Communities:  Punta Chame

VIEW LISTINGS IN THIS AREA: Drive west less than an hour outside
of Panama City and you will exit left and travel to the Pacific Ocean. 
This is the first area with pristine beaches, the start of what it known
as the West Beaches.  Long-time weekend beach homes abound,
and this area is now being discovered for its housing opportunities, as
well as diverse water and sports activities.

You will enjoy the new road that takes you the length of this long
peninsula that juts out into the ocean.  Sandy beaches on both sides
of the road can be seen from parts of the road, with beachfront
properties available along the way, as well as rentals, condos, beach
homes, and homes a close walk to the beach.  New housing
developments are now available in pre-sale.

As you reach the end of the road, there is less land and lots of beach! 
On the mainland-facing side (the left side of the road) you can look
back at the skyline of the capitol of Panama, Panama City, view the
Island of Tamborcillo, and also have mountain views.  Night-time views
are equally spectacular with the lights of the City and the sounds of
the ocean making a stunning combination.
The beach at the end of the road on your right side will be sprinkled with properties, but not more than a few people on weekends, and sometimes deserted
during the week.  A well kept secret with a well-paved road to travel.  

A boutique hotel with a two story restaurant and an extreme sports complex with its own hotel both face back to the mainland.  These are new additions to
this area which has always been dotted with little family restaurants having local flavors and small overnight rentals.  A family-owned orchid growing
operation has found this a perfect business location over the years.

While Parasailing, jet skiing, and kite boarding have long been popular with residents and weekenders, now motocross, skate boarding, and wake boarding
have increased in popularity with availability of new facilities.

Punta Chame is the entry point for locals and tourists to boat to Isla Tamborcillo, formally known as John Wayne Island.  No longer the retreat of the long
ago actor, this island has become a resort, with daytime rates, as well as package deals.   A good choice for holiday activities.

The Coronado Social Association, started by expats years ago, has been renamed to the Coronado Area Social Association (CASA) to include residents of
all communities between Punta Chame and Rio Mar.

Punta Chame is a location that places you between Panama City and Coronado, both good choices for shopping, dining, and nightlife. VIEW OUR
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