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Gorgona, is a small beach town about 10 minutes from the hub of the
area, Coronado.  It is often the first stop for potential property buyers
because of its slower pace of life, long stretches of sand beaches, and
a wealth of condos and villas right on the beach or within a short walk
to the beach.  Developers have seen the beauty of Gorgona and have
many new projects in development, yet many move-in ready.

The allure of Gorgona is that its laid back lifestyle that is
complemented by good restaurants, small grocery stores, produce
stands, and local bus service.  

A wonderful fish market right off the ocean is where you get the catch
of the day right after its caught!  Before entering Gorgona, right on the
PanAmerican Highway, are a number of shops, home services, and
restaurants.  Like most of the West Beach communities, it is part of
the Arroyo Seco, a dry belt of area that gets less rain than other
regions of Panama.
Location, location, location.  This little beach town is a under an hour's drive to Panama City, the mountain areas of El Valle,  about an hour away.  With
Coronado as a close neighbor, there is the benefit of 5 shopping centers right on the PanAmerican Highway, a championship golf course, restaurants, night
life and medical facilities.  A Medical Clinic and Emergency Room at found at the San Fernando Clinic, right before the gate to Coronado and private
physicians and dentists have offices in shopping areas right off the highway, within minutes from the entrance to Gorgona. 

And speaking of location, the new International Airport is under construction just West of Gorgona, perhaps a 40-50 minute drive, depending on your speed.

Property prices are substantially lower in Gorgona compared to other beach communities.  It has an active expat community of people from the United
States, Canada and Europe.  As is seen in many of the beach communities, more South Americans and Asians are obtaining property here and
sometimes, more than just one!

The Coronado Social Association, started by expats years ago, has been renamed to the Coronado Area Social Association (CASA) to include residents of
this beach community.  There is a neighborhood group that has meetings almost every month.

Gorgona has always been a tourist destination and thus, investment opportunities abound.  .  It is soon to have increased retail opportunities with a new
mall just getting under construction.  VIEW OUR LISTINGS
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